Current Classes

A Pilates class is the perfect complement to any existing exercise routine or to those new or returning to exercises. All the essential elements of Pilates but adds more strength and toning moves along with core and flexibility work. The benefits are many: Flattens stomach, tones muscles, improves posture, decreases back pain and injury risk and improves flexibility. Available in Dynamic, Toning, Gentle, Sports and Rehabilitation.

The premise behind this class is that to get a flat stomach, you have to burn the calories to see it! This is a popular, fun, high intensity ( not necessarily impact) workout designed to burn calories, rev up the metabolism and gain a flat ( or flatter!) stomach. It has particular emphasis on the core area.

A fun effective form of exercise suitable for all ages and levels of ability. It has been adapted from age old training principles to form an addictive, safe and stress busting workout. Workout uses the entire body and cardiovascularly-wise uses more calories per hour than a stair climber! Correct techniques taught.

50% Boxercise, 50% Pilates! The perfect workout!

High/low intensity exercise but focusses on rest periods as well. Helps to keep your metabolism firing for hours after the class as well as toning and strengthening all the main muscle groups.

FITT FusionĀ® is a blend of Body Conditioning ,Pilates and Ballet. It has been developed with cardiovascular training in mind but with respect to moving the body gracefully, developing long lean muscles and improving flexibility.

Not a runner? Not sure where to start? Don't think you will ever be able to run? This outdoor class teaches you the basics of correct running techniques as well as making it fun! Small groups with toning exercises included (weather permitting!)

ALL classes are suitable for all because you work out at your own intensity and there are always a selection of options for the exercises (e.g. low impact/high impact). Obviously if there was any injuries or medical conditions, I would need to know before the course started. Feel free to contact me about any of the classes. they can also be taught in a small private group session or 1-2-1 or 1-2-2!

(All of the above classes can take place in a one to one format or small groups training)